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Stimulating Social-emotional Care by a Reliable Child Care Provider is an affordable Childcare provider in Centennial, Colorado, that offers Quality, Fun, and Engaging childcare in a safe environment for Kids 12 Months and Walking to 12 Years Old.  Our center is created for children to meet new friends and enjoy a free play setting with Dress-Up Areas, Game Room, and do creative Arts and Crafts and share Circle Time and Books Six Times a day. In turn, parents get to enjoy flexible and spontaneous free time.  We are there for you and your Children when you need us.

Entrust the welfare of your child to the first and most reputable drop-in child center in the area. We highly encourage making a reservation since our slots are limited. Drop in any time or call us at 303-627-4080.  Want a Tour, drop in anytime and we are happy to show you all that we do for you and your Children.  First time visiting us, your Child will get their First Hour for Free, offer only good for First Time Families.

At Club-4-Kids, we found that the one-room concept works well to encourage social interaction and help with social-emotional development for our Children.  With this setup, mixed age groups and siblings get to play together. However, young toddlers ages 12 to 18 months have a separate room with a viewing window so that they too can have a safe fun space to play and learn.

Child-Teacher Ratio
To give the children better attention we maintain a 5 to 1 ratio in the toddler room and a 10 to 1 ratio in the big play room doing everything we can that your child(ren) have a great experience every time. 

Kids Playing

Dedicated Staff
All our Teachers and Directors are certified in CPR, First Aid for children, and the universal precautions. Our dedicated staff consists primarily of mothers who enjoy taking care of children. Both parents and children love our child-oriented atmosphere.  Looking for great Part-Time Work?  If your a Mother, join our great team, bring your Child(ren) to work with you at not cost to you, and earn money and additional Free Childcare that you can use as you would like.

Have peace of mind knowing that your children are safe within our facility. We have a tight security system comprised of security cameras that run during business hours. Our center also conducts a head count every 15 minutes and requires guardians to use code words when picking up the children. Through our facility's front-viewing window, parents can easily monitor the activities of their children.

Contact our Childcare Center now in Centennial, Colorado and set-up a Tour or drop off your Child and let the Fun Begin.

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